Lodging establishments are inspected annually by the St. Francois County Health Center on behalf o the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MoDHSS).  Each lodging establishment is inspected with a focus on public health, sanitation, and for conditions that may endanger life safety.  These areas of inspection are regulated through a state rule that addresses drinking water supplies, sewage/wastewater treatment, life safety, fire safety, electrical wiring, fuel-burning appliances, plumbing, food safety and swimming pools and spas.

Each lodging establishment is required to obtain a MoDHSS-issued lodging license on an annual basis.  Enforcement authority for lodging establishments rests with the MoDHSS.

Information regarding the MoDHSS Commercial Lodging Program, the Missouri Law, 315.005-.065 RSMo, and the supporting rule, 19 CSR 20-3.050 “Sanitation and Safety Standards for Lodging Establishments”, as well as a statewide list of licensed lodging establishments, and information regarding licensing status or lodging establishments operating in St. Francois County may be accessed from the MoDHSS website.  Complaints regarding lodging establishments outside of St. Francois County may be forwarded to the same MoDHSS website,

Complaints regarding lodging establishments located within St. Francois County may be forwarded to the St. Francois County Health Center by telephone at (573) 431-1947 extension 121.