Food Establishment Permitting, Inspection, and Follow-Up Fees

Inspected facilities include restaurants, school cafeterias, retail groceries, mobile food vendors, taverns, temporary food stands, bakeries, and USDA summer food program sites.  There is no fee for inspections.  The Missouri Food Code contains all the rules that must be followed for those who sell or prepare food.  The Food Code may be viewed or downloaded here.

Inspection Reports

New Food Establishments and Extensive Renovations of Existing Food Establishments

Pre-approval is required to open a new food facility or to undergo an extensive renovation of an existing facility.  This includes restaurants, retail foods, mobile food trucks, trailers, or carts.  An extensive renovation includes either a physical change to an existing facility or a major change in the menu.  There are no fees or permits required.  Please call this office and discuss your plans prior to beginning construction, renovation, or menu changes.  Download the Application for Food Establishments and the Guidelines to help in its completion.  Submit the Application and required documents to the Environmental Health Department at least 30 days before planned opening or renovation.

Application for New Food Establishments

Temporary Food Service Guidelines

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Temporary Events

Temporary food establishments are those that operate for a period of no more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration. The Temporary Food Service Guidelines brochure lists the minimum requirements for those providing food at temporary events.  Please call the Environmental Health Department to discuss your plans.  View or download the Temporary Food Service Guidelines.