What do I need to have a food truck?

How will you be using your food truck?

Temporary events only:

    1. Call our office to discuss your plans and
    2. Download and follow the procedures in our Temporary Events brochure

My truck will be used as a mobile restaurant:

    1. Call our office to discuss your plans;
    2. Complete an Application for Food Establishments and submit to our office; and
    3. Schedule a pre-opening inspection for approval to open
When will you have a food safety class?

Basic Food Safety Class

  1. Free, 2.5-hour class
  2. Provided in September of each year.

Certified Manager's Course (ServSafe)

  1. Scheduled on an as-needed basis
  2. 16-hour class
  3. Call 573-431-1947, ext. 121 to put your name on the list
How do I get my water tested?
  1. Pick up a water collection kit from the health center
  2. Follow the instructions in the kit to collect your water sample, include $10.00, and bring

your sample to SFCHC by 10 am. Monday through Thursday.  It is best to collect your water

the same day you bring it to the health center.

I don't have enough room to install a septic system. What do I do?
  1. In most cases, a soil morphology will have to be conducted to determine what type of

wastewater treatment system will have to be installed.  If the morphology shows a need for

a system that will not fit on your property, then a holding tank might be permitted.

  1. Speak with someone in Environmental to help you determine whether a system may fit on

your property.

I want to install a holding tank.
  1.  Holding tanks have to be permitted through this office, but they are permitted only as a last resort.  There can be no other options for installing an on-site wastewater treatment system.
  2.   Speak with someone in Environmental to help determine whether a holding tank may be permitted.
What do I need to do to install a septic system (also called OWTS, or on-site wastewater treatment system)?
  1. If your system will be installed on less than three acres, or if you will have more than one system on 10 acres, call the environmental office to discuss your situation.
  2. Obtain an Application to Construct an On-site Wastewater Treatment System from our office.
  3. Pay $90.00 to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.
  4. Have a soil morphology conducted by a Missouri registered soil scientist.
  5. Have an on-site wastewater treatment system or holding tank designed by a Missouri registered installer or engineer (depending on your soil morphology).
  6. Submit your Application to Construct an OWTS, soil morphology and OWTS design plan to our office for review.
  7. Staff from our office will schedule an on-site visit with you or your installer once the system is flagged out according to the approved design.
  8. Construction of the OWTS may begin once a permit is issued by this office.