With the rapid increase in cases, it is impossible for our staff to report timely, accurate data in regards to positive cases, recovered cases, etc. We are now referring everyone to the Show Me Strong state dashboard for data and statistics for St. Francois County. Data reports take hours to complete, hours that our staff do not have. We are saddened that it has come to this.

Know that this is NOT being done to reduce the time spent on combating this disease, it is being done to allow our nurses and staff MORE time to spend on effective mitigation efforts such as case investigation and contact tracing, and to continue to provide the same public health services we always have. We will continue to post updated guidance and recommendations on our pages, and will update other graphs and charts on our website as time allows.

County specific data can be found at:   You will need to select “St. Francois County” in the Jurisdiction drop-down box. While some of the data on this site may be a few days behind, it provides the same information that we have been reporting.

Please visit the Missouri Hospital Association Dashboard for hospital capacity information.

The chart below shows the testing positivity rate for SFC residents since the beginning of the pandemic. Please note the data for negatives is provided to the Health Center from the Missouri Department of Health on a weekly basis for the prior full week.