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St. Francois County Health Center completed a Community Health Assessment in 2016 looking at the overall health of the community.

The 2016 St. Francois County Health Center Community Health Assessment

St. Francois County Health Center completed a Community Health Improvement Plan in 2017 based on the 2016 Health Assessment

         The 2017 St. Francois County Health Center Community Health Improvement Plan 

St. Francois County covers an area of 410 square miles (1,100 square kilometers) and is located south and east of St.Louis, MO in an area of the state that is referred to as the “Lead Belt.”  St.Francois County is bordered by Jefferson County, Washington County, Perry County, Ste.Genevieve County, Madison County and Iron County.  As of the 2010 US Census, the county’s population was 65,359. 

The County of St.Francois is a component of the Greater St. Louis Area (GSA) and consists of several commuter cities.  St.Francois County’s economy has diversified and developed a balanced agricultural and economic sector.  The largest city and county seat is Farmington.  Cities/towns located within St. Francois County: Bismarck, Bonne Terre, Desloge, Doe Run, Farmington, French Village, Knob Lick,  Leadington, Leadwood and Park Hills.  St. Francois County is part of “The Parkland” as St. Francois and the immediate surrounding counties have numerous State Parks and waterways which are utilized by our citizens for outdoor recreation, camping and family events.

History of St.Francois Count County Health Center

The Health Center began in 1975 as a nursing service.  It was located in the county courthouse, with a staff of two nurses.  The St. Francois County Court endorsed the establishment of a full-time county health center supported by a tax levy in April, 1976.  A county sanitarian was added to the staff.  The center is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of five elected board members.  The Center moved from a room in the county courthouse to rented building located on the grounds of the southeast mental health center.  In 1982 the Board of Trustees purchased a building to house the health center, where it is still located today.

The Health Center services have changed overtime.  Services began with home health services.  Home health services were phased out in 1994.  A lead blood level study was conducted in 1997.  A two-year pilot project, issuing computer-generated birth and death certificates, was conducted for the MO Department of Health and Senior Services in 1997.  By September 2002, family planning services, a prenatal clinic, emergency planning and the addition of a bio- terrorism planner were added to the services provided by the health center.  In 2007, a dental clinic for underprivileged children’s preventative services was added.  The health center continues to monitor community needs and programs to address the needs of our community with a staff of thirty one.

Annual Report

Public health is often a lot  behind the scenes work that largely goes unrecognized but plays a vital role in the community’s safety and welfare.  The St. Francois County Health Center Annual Report provides a more in-depth look at the public health accomplishments made in the last year.

SFCHC 2018 Annual Report

SFCHC 2017 Annual Report