Closings and Inclement Weather

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Holiday Closings and Inclement Weather

Scheduled Closings for St. Francois County Health Center

 New Year’s Day
 Labor Day
 Martin Luther King Day
Columbus Day
President’s Day Veteran’s Day
 Good Friday Thanksgiving Day
 Truman’s Birthday – May 8 Day after Thanksgiving Day
Memorial Day Christmas Eve
 Independence Day
Christmas Day
*Other days as approve by the Board

St. Francois County Health Center is closed for a monthly staff meeting from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM the first Thursday of each month.  We will be closed periodically for staff training/development throughout the year.

Inclement Weather

During periods of inclement weather, St.Francois County Health Center may be closed.

The key to knowing if St. Francois County Health Center is open during periods
of inclement weather is to tune your radio to
 any of these local radio stations:

KREI Radio – Channel 800 KHZ on the AM dial
B104 Radio – Channel 104.3 on the FM dial
KTJJ Radio – Channel 98.5 on the FM dial

Listen during the scheduled listing of school closings, business closings, and public office closings.

The safety of our clients and their families are important to us.
During inclement weather, please tune to KREI, B104, KTJJ radio stations
to determine if SFCHC is closed.