Board and Staff Members


Board Members

Title Name Term Expiration
Chairperson Jack Marler Term expires 04/2020
Secretary Dr. Victoria Damba
Term expires 04/2021
Treasurer Sharon Carron
Term expires 04/2020
Member John Poston Term expires 04/2021
Member Sherry Cauley Term expires 04/2021

Our Board members are elected by the citizens of St.Francois County
for a four (4) year term.  Our Board members do not receive any compensation
for their services.  Candidates for the Board of Trustees must be a citizen of
the United States, a resident of the State of Missouri one year preceding their
election, a resident taxpayer of St. Francois County and be at least 21 years of age.

The Board of Trustees are responsible for developing public health policy,
making rules and regulations for their own guidance and for the
governing of the St. Francois County Health Department.

The Trustees determine the rate of the tax levy, not to exceed
the level established by the voters of 0.10, annually.

The Board meets at the St. Francois County Health Center on
the fourth Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM.

You may contact any of our Board members by sending an email to:

You may leave a telephone message for our Board members with our receptionist.
Please call: 

Staff Members

Name: Title: Department:
Jessica McKnight MPA –    Director Administration/Registrar
Amber Elliott RN, BSN – Assistant Director Administration
Tonya Pitts Administrative Office Assistant/Clerical Supervisor
Kathy Parish  Contract Biller
Stephanie Hedgcorth Immunization Biller
Rosemarie Mier Environmental Public Health Dept Supervisor Environmental Health
John Wiseman Environmental Public Health Specialist Environmental Health
Daniel Huff  Environmental Public Health Specialist Environmental Health
Mary Cunningham Office Support Assistant-EPHS Clerical
 Linda Ragsdale RN-Nursing Supervisor Nursing Staff
Liz Maserang RN Nursing Staff

 Tiffany Roth

Ashley Thornton



 Nursing Staff
Nursing Staff
Kerry Melton
Office Support Assistant-Nursing Dept
Leslie Tedder RN-Case Manager
Ryan White
Jordan Blum Case Manager Ryan White
Julie Hackworth Office Support Assistant-Passports Clerical
Cate Reando WIC Coordinator/Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist WIC Staff
Breanna Griffin Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist WIC Staff
Julie Gegg
Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist WIC Staff
Kyrissa Jones WIC Certifier, Office Support Assistant WIC Staff
Crissy Hoff Office Support Assistant-Vital Records
Kelly Plouder
WIC Certifier,Office Support Assistant WIC Staff
Courtney Roth Breastfeeding Peer Counselor WIC Staff
Casey Moore WIC Clerk,Office Support Assistant,Breastfeeding Peer Counselor WIC Staff
Chris Finch





Maintenance/Custodial Care






Our staff members value experience, collaboration,
and diverse opportunities to engage and protect public health.

Our staff is our greatest resource.
Maximizing our staff’s potential to serve, will be your greatest asset.
What can we do for you?