HIV Case Management


HIV/AIDS Case Management Program

This program is available statewide, free of charge, regardless of the insurance of the individual with HIV or AIDS.  Case managers are located in a variety of settings, including St. Francois County Health Center, local health departments in other counties, and community-based organizations.  A complete listing is available from any regional office or directly from the Missouri Department of Health, Section of STD/HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Services, P. O. Box 570, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570.

The only criteria for participation in the program is that the client is . . .
(1) HIV positive. . . (2) a Missouri resident . .  (3) Qualify within the financial guidelines

HIV/AIDs Management Staff

Case managers may be Social Workers, or Registered Nurses. Case managers have education and experience in working with individuals with HIV/AIDS and their families. All case managers operate under the same policies and procedures.
Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Individuals may contact a case management provider at St.Francois County Health Center, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services or may be referred,with their permission, by physicians, family, friends, or volunteer organizations.  Upon referral, a case manager will make arrangements to meet with the individual.  Meetings may occur in the individual’s home, doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, case management office or other settings. The individual will be given information about HIV/AIDS, disease transmission, and methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The individual may choose to enroll as a client of the HIV/AIDS Case Management Program.  The client will work with the case manager to complete an evaluation/assessment and develop a service plan.  The client is always an equal partner with the case manager in the overall plannning, decision making, and implementation of the service plan.  The case manager will assist the client in locating and accessing services such as:
Medical Care          Housing          Counseling          Transportation
Medications                Assistance with activities for daily living

Need Help . . .

Call 573-431-1947 ext. 132


Toll free – 1-877-622-7187  ext. 132

Please call St.Francois County Health Center and schedule an appointment
to ensure staff are available on the date of your planned visit.

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